Uniswap V3 Development Book #


This book is not finished yet but it’s going through final proofreading. All TODOs will be replaced with something useful.

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Welcome to the world of decentralized finances and automated market makers! This book will be your guide in this mysterious and amusing world! Together, we’ll build one of the most interesting and important applications, which serves as a pillar of today’s decentralized finances–Uniswap V3!

This book will guide you through the development of a decentralized application, including:

  • smart-contract development (in Solidity);
  • contracts testing and deployment (using Forge and Anvil from Foundry);
  • design and mathematics of a decentralized exchange;
  • development of a front-end application for the exchange (React and MetaMask).

This book is not for complete beginners #

I expect you to be an experienced developer, who has ever programmed in any programming language. It’ll also be helpful if you know the syntax of Solidity, the main programming language of this book. If not, it’s not a big problem: we’ll learn a lot about Solidity and Ethereum Virtual Machine during our journey.

However, this book is for blockchain beginners #

If you only heard about blockchains and were interested but haven’t had a chance to dive deeper, this book is for you! Yes, for you personally! You’ll learn how to develop for blockchains (specifically, Ethereum), how blockchains work, how to program and deploy smart contracts, and how to run and test them on your computer.

Alright, let’s get started!

  1. This book is available at:
  2. This book is hosted on GitHub:
  3. All source codes are hosted in a separate repo:
  4. If you think you can help Uniswap, they have a grants program.
  5. If you’re interested in DeFi and blockchains, follow me on Twitter.